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The company was founded in 1998 by L.A.D Suneth Nishantha who to this day remains its general manager and proprietor.

In the beginning the plant only processed cod but around 2005 the plant added various products from plaice to its list. In its 9 year history the company has developed and grown, always maintaining its original policy; to provide fresh and frozen products processed in a quick and efficient manner. We are located in Galle ur, one of Iceland’s biggest seaports, where all of our operation takes place. Our branch office is located at central super market in Colombo

We are the No 1 Fish supplier in Sri Lanka. We supply fresh fish from boat to shop. We are the main supplier for local fish exporters and have an ability to provide any kind of fish as your requirement. Our fillets line includes, Shark, Snapper, Cods, Soles, Halibut, Flounder, Tunas, and many more. They are prepared in different ways, like IQF vacuum pack, Blocks, and shatter pack or layer pack. We offer variety of choice to you, contact us.

We focus on various products from haddock and plaice, fresh and frozen, exporting over 1500 tons a year by ship Island wide.

Our main customers are Holland, Spain, United Kingdom and USA.

Being part of the HACCP quality assurance program, we can promise our customers products of very high quality and complete traceability.

Our fish comes in all sizes and kinds, fresh frozen white meat fish fillets have been our pries since last decade. We process them from fishes of the Arabian Sea and cut them into the state of art level perfect fillets.

You are direct fish importers? We are willing to provide facilitate to maintain a hub or an exporting office. We can provide you to low cost fresh fish directly from boat. You can earn good profit, if you deal with us.

In Future We are plan to become a leading fish providing Company in Sri Lanka by providing good quality and large amount of fish to exporting companies.

Despite experience in fishing and supplying fresh seafood. We have operating modern cold storage and processing facilities under strictly quality control.

We always meet the requirement of our customers particularly in respect to freshness and hygienic appearance. This is a measure of the confidence which consumers place in the quality of our products.

We still judge our success by our customer's satisfaction. That is why we value your feedback. We will listen to your problems, and take your suggestions for improvement seriously! This feedback will influence our future developments, to everyone’s advantage!

We are a company provide fish for fish Exporting companies in Sri Lanka. We are located in Galle and Colombo.

Mainly we deal in Yellow Fin Tuna, Lobsters, Snappers, Emperors, Eels, Groupers etc; and a host of other Live, Fresh, Frozen and Dehydrated products. Please feel free to advise us for more information if you are interested in any of the above products.

For more information, Please contact us via:

No 79,
Paliyagoda Fish Market,

Phone   : 0777875191
Fax       : 0112606899
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